We’re Called Varia for a Reason.

Growing a business requires a multitude of variables. Varia is a management consulting firm, with legal and capital raising platforms that, together, provide businesses at all stages with the support, resources and capital they need to help grow their companies. Successfully.

Varia’s Approach

We are focused on identifying and supporting businesses and their leaders, from founders who offer compelling value propositions in an emerging post-COVID-19 world to leaders of established companies looking to continue growing through innovative strategies and transition planning.

In turn, our work often provides investors from around the world with a diverse array of compelling opportunities for their consideration.

Our Platforms

Our Law Firm


Our team has over five decades of experience advising thousands of companies, from startup, through growth, through succession, and exit. We have developed cost-efficient startup packages for bootstrapping entrepreneurs, to niched experience navigating the complexities of multi-generational family businesses, to M&A experience.

Our Management Consulting Platform


We work closely with innovators to commercialize their ideas, with early-stage companies to help them grow, and with later-stage businesses to help them successfully transition. We also consult with family businesses on moving past conflict so they’re able to pass down success. 

Our Capital Raising Platform


From founding to found success. We assist our most promising companies with accessing capital through our crowdfunding platform. Our multi-stage platform backed by a robust, proprietary network of high net-worth angels, family offices and funds allows us to raise funding for companies at all stages and for all purposes.

Our Growing Portfolio

We believe the best ventures will emerge from this pandemic even stronger. That the most resilient and adaptable companies will not just survive—they will thrive. We expect to see dozens of new market leaders created, as reflected in our growing portfolio.


Cancer Therapeutics

Entering randomized clinical trials. Collaborations with Merck and Bristol Myers Squibb.

Source: Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center


Viridi Parente

Clean Energy

Developing renewable power systems for multiple applications in collaboration with industry leaders.

Source: Lippes Mathias Wexler Friedman LLP


Buffalo Automation

Artificial Intelligence

Developing revolutionary technology to help businesses automate movement, including for ships, boats and trucks.

Source: University at Buffalo


There are at least three reasons to contact Varia now, rather than later.

To continue innovating in a fast-changing world.
To ensure your team is fully aligned.
To ensure your business is structured for long-term (generational) success or positioned for a successful sale.